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03----14:: Updated commission information, added a ton of new work to gallery, added new links to the side bar, and changed the header image.

08-20-12: Updated and re-organized the art page with new work and categories! Also slightly updated my commission information.

07-27-12:  Filled in two missing scenes from ISH, edited the SWAN/ISH FAQ. Also, the explanation for the ISHspiration zip file is now in ISH's extras page.  Tweaked the Writing page and added 'Alright,' a story written for the Johnny request meme on LiveJournal a few years ago.  Added the  'Earrings and Sexual Preferences' file to  ISH's extras page.

05-10-12: The final update to ISH is posted, along with the 'Formal Homicidal Gallery', a ton of written text extras, and two pieces of Banshee fanart from electro-fey.

08-05-11: Added SWAN/ISH fanart from: Rainbow-man, GirlWhoDraws, CadaverCarnivorum, electro-fey, and Tripht. Also added two bits of SWAN fan-fanfic from Tripht and Glyph!

06-16-11: My webcomic, Chaos Knot, is now hosted here on!

03-02-11: Added the beginnings of my art gallery!

02-19-10: Updated fanart page with stuff from NarutoLuver14, Tripht, themoonrulznny, smilefortyeight, Crow, mistycat, wolfclawalchemist and squirrellythief.

02-07-10: I'm Still Here update with chapter 11.

02-06-10: Added the Misc. page, containing not much but fanlisting buttons at the moment.

11-24-09: I'm Still Here updated with chapter 10.

11-4-09: Added fanart from: NarutoLuver14, wolfclawalchemist, snark, Kashira, Semes and Insanityblade. Added some of my own art to the ISH section, as well as a temporary link out to dA for the Homicidal Orgy pictures. Tweaked a few things on the fan-fanfiction page.

10-24-09: Second segment of Blood and Cherry Syrup uploaded.

10-9-09: Added the writing page, and the first segment of Blood and Cherry Syrup (aka Vampire Edgar) on said page.

8-31-09: Added piece of fanfiction "Razors" by Crow.

8-17-09: Added new piece of fanfiction!

8-15-09: Added this page! Been tweaking the layouts for a few pages. Added two bits of fanart, recieved a piece of fanfiction.