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A Depository For Things Not Yet Large Enough For Their Own Page!


I have joined only a few fanlistings in my time on the internet, and most of them are dead. As you might notice from what is primarily on this site currently, I tend to find some tiny thing that I love that is also loved by approximately twenty other people worldwide, so this generally leads to not much going on in my fandom world. I also, for some reason, sort of have a hard time showing people that I really like something when it falls into certain criteria even I am not sure of, so this page is my very shaky start in telling people.

Consistent Banner Sizes Be Damned!

Still living listings/clubs:

 Fay/Kurogane from Tsubasa: Reservoir ChronicleThe Fifth Doctor/Turlough from Doctor WhoUkrainian singer Ruslana

Things I Have Been A Fan of Whose Fanlistings Are Now Dead:
-the song 'Forever Young' from The Care Bears Movie II
-the song 'Give A Reason', the theme song from Slayers NEXT