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Chaos Knot is old. What is now a comic used to be the role-play adventures started by two weird little girls who needed somewhere else to be but their small town. This story has threads that trace back to 1993, though the ones that start this comic, and are most important, happened in 1996 and 1997. The story continued for years, and though it has taken long breaks, continues to this day. The importance of this story to the lives of those little girls meant they wanted to share it with others as well and have it available as something they can relive.

We were both obsessive hoarders of our own old art and comics, and I (Lady Yate-xel) maintained a book documenting the dates that I created new characters for several years. We wrote down quotes, made cassette tape recordings, drew hundreds of pictures and comics, and generally kept what very well could have been just fleeting childhood silliness well-documented. Because of all this material, and because we continued for years with many of the characters we started with, we can actually reproduce the story with a lot of its original content. It's been edited and tweaked, of course, because ten-year-olds aren't the greatest judges of characterization, foreshadowing, or knowing what being an adult is or is not like. (Arguably, we do not know what being adults is like either, but we do pretty convincing mimes of responsible adults.)

The comic itself is drawn by me, Lady Yate-xel, and most of it on a detail level is written by me as well. What I write is often helped along and informed by my childhood friend and cohort, Jen, often called GypsyLynn here online. The characters inside belong to us, and who belongs to who (and thus who was played by who when this was all originally created) is listed on the cast page.
This comic started in 2007 on, but moved here to in June of 2011. This let me add commentary, so the pages include comments on the art, things I wish I could have changed, but also tidbits about what the story was like when we were children and what we changed for the comic version. The childhood tidbits are mostly silly and funny, but as this all progresses, they could be sad or sort of intimate too.

Even though this story began with ten-year-olds, the story itself should probably be rated something like Web14 for violence (we were wrathful fifth graders, apparently), language, and eventually sexual themes. I update as often as I can, I'm just working on developing a method of making the pages that doesn't hurt my hand so much, so production isn't exactly predictable. The best place to get info about when I update is my Tumblr, which is linked to on the front page.

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