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This is the first we see of Japheth's lower half and his name, so it's a big page for him even though he's only in one panel. I actually redesigned him here to make more sense (Yeah, really), but he's still pretty silly. Thing is, I really don't care. I'm kind of charmed by this story coming from ten-year-old brains, so the occasional design that reflects that is okay with me.

I said we wouldn't meet anyone else new in this arc that wasn't Kajyan and Anya's new friend, but maybe Tyris actually speaking and Japheth being named counts as new people, I don't know. Sorry, I guess.

But not really.

Also, June's line to Japheth is based on a line said to him in nearly that same position in a comic I drew when I was 11. June was slightly more unstable back then, and Japheth's name was different, so the line was instead, "Come on, Joseph! Let's see how far I can fling ya!" But I've got a comparison to post eventually!

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Posted 22:13
Thu 26 April
by ladyyatexel

Not so much news as just something to refresh the previous thing that had been there for eons.

I don't get to do this much on a schedule anymore, since my own schedule is now painfully erratic and I'm going through some rough stuff. The best place to watch for an announcement of an update is my Tumblr, which is linked up on the side of the main CK page, and on proper.

Thanks to any and all~

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